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dkd#1S/ 89.4cts 6 "Combo of RARE Sugilite + Kyanite +Crystal + Lapis Beads


dkd#24S/ 6.3grams GEL Sugilite .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


dkd#7S/ 6.7cts 16mm x 10mm PINK GEL Sugilite Cabochon


dkd#12S/ 12.5cts Partly Gel Sugilite Cabochon


dkd#3S/ 7" Combo of RARE Gaspeite + Sugilite + Moonstone Beads


dkd#22S/ 5.3grams Sugilite .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


dkd#6S/ 32.5carats Very Rare Richterite Ben cut Cabochon


dkd#9S/ 21.7cts Sugilite Cabochon Maybe a ring or pendant?


dkd#23S/ 4.4grams Sugilite .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


dkd#4S/ 4.1cts Sugilite partly Gel Sm Cabochon


dkd#13S/ 7.2cts Purple Flowers Sugilite Cabochon


dkd#2S/ 6" Combo of Sugilite + Blue Chalcedony + Pearls


dkd#10S/ 35.3cts Sugilite Cabochon


dkd#17S/ 10cts Natural Watermelon Tourmaline Slice


dkd#20S/ 17.8cts High end Sugilite Iguana Carving


dkd#30S/7.6grams Moonstone .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


dkd#5S/ 4.4cts Sugilite/Richterite Cabochon


dkd#32S/ 10.8grams Australian Boulder Opal Sterling Silver Necklace


dkd#16S/ 3 Sleeping Beauty solid Blue Az Turquoise Cabs


dkd#14S/ 14.4cts Sugilite 2 Pyramids


dkd#21S/ 33cts High end Sugilite Dragon Carving


dkd#8S/ 10.9cts 21mm x 13mm Sugilite Cabochon


dkd#11S/ 13.7cts Sugilite Cabochon


dkd#31S/ 10.8grams Getting hard to find Spiderweb Turquoise SS Pendant


dkd#15S/ 7.6cts. Gem grade Gel Ortiz Rhodochrosite Cab


dkd#25S/ 3.4grams Flashes Labradorite Pendant


dkd#18S/ 18.3cts Rare Natural Czech REAL Moldavite


DKD Bead Necklace 3 Strands-16" 18" 22"/ Multi Color Goldtone


R. Sandoval Navajo Sterling Turquoise Heart Necklace Earring Set 423DKD-28


dkd#27S/ 3.5grams AZ Sleeping Beauty Turquoise SS Pendant


Vintage Sterling Karen Dentinger DKD White & Gold Pearl Necklace & Earring Set


dkd#29S/ 7.3gram Hard to find Natural BLACK Tourmaline in Quartz Pendant


dkd#26S/ 10grams Awesome pattern Australian Boulder Opal pendant


Vintage c. 1950 Southwestern Sterling Silver Tufa Cast Naja Pendant 928DKD-17


Silver Tone HEART PENDANT NECKLACE Signed DKD 4 Charms KEY Ring Rhinestone


Vintage Southwestern Sterling Silver Turquoise Bolo Tie 928DKD-53a


Estate Vintage DKD Hallmarked Fashion Gold Tone Demi Parure


DKD Glass Bead Necklace 3 Strands/ Multi Color Goldtone 16"~Lovely!


Handmade Sterling Silver Turquoise Bear Tracks Cuff Bracelet 724DKD-1


Classy Greco-Roman Pearl and Bali Bead Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace DKD Jewel